Further information is given on the use of ID-11, Perceptol and Microphen developers, with Pan F and HP5 film. Also, see a (believed) 1944 contribution of X-ray material sent by Mike Ratcliff. We attended a meeting in a hall in Eagle Way in Warley to learn of the company s downsizing mr l rx dating to relating pdf. The job of the film is to measure the radiation exposure of the three astronauts. The printers are Lund Humphries who give a number 18677. Elmo cine equipment no longer distributed by Ilford mr l rx dating to relating pdf. More recently (July 2012) has sent in-depth information. He also mentions that the Ilford site hosted an early J. Mr Coote was involved in photography from 1937. To view a large colour image of an Ilford Meter Model C and read the 1950 BJPA report, click here or the image. AP magazine (15th January ~ News Shorts) report Ilford colour print film re-introduced, being Ilfocolor 400ASA, 35mm only. Subsequently, Ciba-Geigy, no longer having any stake in Cibachrome, required that the Cibachrome name be changed. A scan of a June 1955 Ilford leaflet describing their colour prints from transparencies service is available here (courtesy of Paul Godfrey).

Multigrade printing paper again withdrawn from sale, April 1969. Michael found reference in a 1967 Ilford catalogue to an Improved Type RX, presumably a later version of the material found by David Mittlestadt whose purchase was marked process before 1964. Robert Sternberg was a working colleague of Rothschild who played the major role in designing the Witness (see 1991). Selochrome roll film with a 1942 expiry date. In 1960 the same emulsion speed was revised to 125ASA. Ilford return to the world of colour films (which they abandoned at the start of 1969) with the re-introduction of an Ilfochrome colour slide film, named Ifochrome 100. 3d (41p) and darkroom loading refills were 4s. The Wallace Heaton Blue Book for 1961/62 prices HPS 120/620 & 127 roll films at 3s. The whole paper manufacturing process was now at Mobberley and there was a large increase in the workforce. It is free to users by telephoning 0800 234 6484. October, HARMAN technology Ltd announced the acquisition of Kentmere Photographic Ltd. which operate photographic services at seven holiday camps, two hotels and a beach outlet). I understand from Tristan Brittain-Dissont, Archivist for the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society, that comedian Tony Hancock made an advert at this time for Ilford Colour Film.

They used the same electrostatic principles later patented by Xerox. A 2nd edition version of the Printing and Enlarging booklet shown previously (see 1947). 5p) Selochrome Pan carton shown here (courtesy of Charlie Kamerman) is dated to be developed before February 1969, suggesting maybe a 1966 manufacturing date..
. His wider fame came through making noted contributions to nuclear science by developing special emulsions used in the detection of ionizing radiation. 6 exposure Selochrome film with an August 1946 expiry date. Our Lab based at the HARMAN factory in England has provided a continuous quality service to UK photographers for many years and we are seeing an increased number of enquiries from overseas, including North America. To view the leaflet, 1969 From the start of 1969 (as announced November 1968 - see AP magazine, 20th Nov, News of the Week), Ilford ceased applying their name to amateur colour films. This extract from Camera Magazine for March 1966 (Editor s Notebook) entitled Rapid Colour explains: Who s putting all their eggs in one basket. Every page, even the coloured advertisements, is covered with useful information that sooner or later needs to be referred to. It was taken by a (then) 10 year old Tony Cunnane whose father was a prison officer. Hamesh Taylor e-mailed to say he also took part in the move to Basildon. It was widely used in newspaper and magazine adverts of the time and certainly during the latter years of the war. .


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